Types Of Inflammatory Skin Diseases Treated With CBD Oil

Despite the low mortality rates of inflammatory skin disorders, proper care is done on such patients to restore their self-esteem. Research of new methods to provide care for such conditions has been developed. The use of cannabinoids(CBD) is one approach that is being recognized worldwide due to various health benefits. Listed below are different skin inflammation treated with the help of such oils.


This is characterized by complex pathogenesis and an inflamed center and is usually triggered by various factors, including hormonal imbalances and immune reaction factors. The use of cannabinoids in the treatment process enables sebocyte proliferation inhibition, decreased sebum production, and a reduction in the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Their use helps exert anti-inflammatory effects on the skin and trigger sebum production.


This is a common chronic inflammation of the skin. The shedding of keratinocytes and hyperproliferation characterizes it. The deregulation of the immune skin cells is a predisposing factor in psoriasis development. Cannabinoids have therapeutic applications in the treatment of this skin condition. Such CBD helps inhibit the proliferation of keratinocytes along the recommended paths. The use of CBG soft gels to treat patients with this skin condition has proven beneficial via inhibiting angiogenic growth factors and inflammatory cytokines.

Atopic Dermatitis

The predisposing factors of this chronic skin inflammatory disease include genetic interactions, immunological and environmental factors. This condition is characterized by dry skin, resulting from loss of the epidermal barrier, exudation, and erythema. Patients also tend to scratch their skin frequently, and despite there being no known cure for such a condition, efforts have been made to reduce the associated symptoms.

The use of cannabinoids develops therapeutic benefits for patients with this condition. They inhibit mastocytes activation and histamine release in reducing skin inflammation. Such oils help in the expression of keratinocytes, which facilitate maintaining the epidermal barrier. The antibacteria coupled with the anti-inflammatory properties of such CBD oils promotes the proper care of the skin.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and proper care helps maintain its healthy nature. A deviation in proper functioning has physical and mental consequences to patients. Consider the use of CBD oil when faced with inflammatory skin disorders highlighted above.