Feng Shui & Wealth – How To Arrange Your Home To Attract More Money?

Feng Shui and money are often intertwined. There are few secrets to achieving wealth through Feng Shui.

Your finances depend, from the point of view of feng shui, on the design of your interior and the location of various objects or furniture. Traditional options, in most cases, come down to design in accordance with the rules for combining colors, various materials, and textures. But, there is a direction in Feng Shui design, which also dictates the rules for arranging furniture and decoration items. It is this direction of Feng Shui that interests us to attract money.

Energy and money in Feng Shui are always interconnected. For example, if an ordinary design dictates the arrangement of objects according to style, then Feng Shui teaches to arrange things according to the flow of energy. This can be used to achieve wealth through Feng Shui.

To attract money with Feng Shui, room design starts with choosing the proper focus for the room. In Feng Shui, the primary energy of Qi is concentrated in zones. Therefore, the apartment is divided into zones. Zone of love, zone of wealth, site of generosity and kindness. And each zone carries the energy of a particular direction.

Money in Feng Shui belongs to the zone of wealth. This is usually for Feng Shui, the southeast sector of your apartment, also known as Feng Shui money corner. Its color is the color of the tree – green. The main element of the zone of wealth and money, in Feng Shui, is the tree and what is associated with it. The correct energy of earning and accumulating money must be created there. To do this, in Feng Shui, you need to choose the right shades of wallpaper, the color, and the pattern of the floor and ceiling. And various accessories for money that symbolize prosperity are a frog, gold coins, or old money.

Feng shui bathroom – the key to wealth

Financial well-being, according to Feng Shui, largely depends on waterThat is why the role of the bathroom in a person’s economic life is critical. Oddly enough, this connection is really, according to feng shui, powerful. You should not allow water leaks from the tap or pipes for your financial well-being, so your finances will slowly flow away. Repair them in time or call a locksmith. With leaking water, money can flow out of your house, and from this, your well-being will deteriorate—no need to turn bathroom shelves into a beauty show. At the tap, according to Feng Shui, you should leave only a toothbrush and soap. It is best to use bathroom cabinets with mirrored doors.

Take everything inside because, oddly enough, it can also affect Feng Shui on your financial well-being. In addition, according to Feng Shui, you should not keep foreign objects in the bathroom for the correct distribution of energy. It is better to move the basket of dirty laundry outside the room. It is not recommended to dry clothes in the bathroom, but a washing machine will not hinder there. 

Now about the choice of the bathroom itself, for financial well-being according to Feng Shui. If finances allow, then it is better to buy a semicircular or oval bathroom. According to Feng Shui, the best color for the bath will be white or various light shades. Dark colors for the bathroom, according to Feng Shui, are categorically not suitable. We wish you financial well-being! Indeed, according to Feng Shui, it gives purity.