7 Tips On How To Stay Slim After You Quit Smoking

Smoking is unprofitable and unfashionable! Everyone knows what harm smoking does to health. Many countries have imposed severe restrictions on smoking, and countless companies are likely to give preference to a non-smoking employee. Now there is even a smoking cessation day, proclaimed by the world health organization. Maybe you can take advantage of the moment and tie it up? Unfortunately, many more women still have not given up on this addiction. And how do they explain this? Fear of gaining weight! 

Many women believe that when they quit smoking, they will immediately begin to “crawl in breadth”. Below are some tips on how to give up cigarettes and not gain a single gram.

Tip #1

Determine the benefit for yourself. A woman’s determination to quit a bad habit can be shaken even by a few extra grams. To avoid this, find the pros that will definitely help you get started. After all, there is a proven fact that smokers very quickly “fizzle out” during training, and the desired effect of sports loads is much less. Add to that a disgusting cough and bad breath. 

In a person who quits smoking, after two hours the pressure returns to normal, after eight – oxygen fills the cells, after 24 hours – the lungs are completely freed from traces of tobacco, the sensitivity of smell and taste buds returns, it becomes easier to breathe, and the energy begins to bubble up.

Tip #2

Global changes in your life, such as quitting smoking, are best started on the positive side. Choose a landmark date, such as a wedding anniversary or birthday, and make it your starting point. Do not try to quit cigarettes during life troubles or depression.

Tip #3

Reduce your daily calorie intake by 20%. After all, only a decrease in the energy value of food will help former smokers not to get better. Surprisingly, smokers eat much less because nicotine dulls hunger. In addition, cigarettes inhibit the formation of fat.

Tip #4

Don’t believe the rumors! After all, the opinion that, by quitting smoking, you can get very much better, is exaggerated! In fact, one in three ex-smokers does not gain any excess weight at all. And the rest gain a maximum of 2 kg. This is fine. Indeed, according to statistics, most women who smoke weigh less than necessary (about 3.8 kg). An increase will occur if the body mass index is less than 22.

Tip #5

Avoid temptation. In a cafe, sit down at tables for non-smokers, even if you came to dine with your girlfriends in the smoking room. Invited to visit? Don’t drink alcoholic beverages. After all, it is very like drinks will make you want to smoke! A car will help you to avoid the temptation – come to the holiday behind the wheel. Yes, and watch out for the hands that still strive to grab something edible!

Tip #6

A well-designed, balanced daily menu helps to cleanse the body of toxic substances and protect against extra pounds. Nutritionists believe that ex-smokers should eat two to five fruits per day, a serving of boiled vegetables and two servings of raw, starchy foods (potatoes, legumes), dairy and fish products, some vegetable fats, and plenty of plain clean water.

Tip #7

Follow the advice of psychologists – start preparing for Day X in advance, at least two days before. Let your family and friends know about your decision. It is necessary to collect and discard all accessories related to smoking, and hide sweets. Nicotine improves mood, as does sugar. Therefore, former smokers quickly become addicted to sweets. 

Stock up on mineral water that has the ability to remove toxins. Buy relaxing bath products. The day before an important event, please yourself: go shopping, meet with friends. Put out the last butt. Place a glass of mineral water on the bedside table. When you wake up, immediately drink a glass of water, have breakfast, and start a new life!