How & Why Walking Helps With Weight Loss

In this article, we will describe how walking can help you lose weight quickly and effectively. We introduce walking as a highly effective form of exercise, what effects it has on the body, and how you can maximize its potential as a weight-loss strategy. By reading this, you will appreciate how effective walking is.

When starting on a weight loss program some people start very unfitly. Walking is highly effective for beginners. A beginner may not have exercised in a long time and may risk injury if they undergo any form of exercise that overexerts them. Walking is cheap because you don’t need to pay gym membership and it is also fun especially if you go on walks to places you’ve never been before.

Walking to lose weight is effective because it works on both your cardiovascular system and your muscles. Walking strengthens your leg muscles and your abdominal muscles. A nice brisk walk also improves your cardiovascular system. It also helps burn fat since you are working the cardiovascular system. Regular walking can burn a minimum of 100 calories in an hour, however, the faster you get, the more calories you will burn on an hourly basis.

When starting your walking regimen it is always a good idea to get a good pair of running shoes. I say running shoes and not walking shoes because you can always progress to small jogs and you get more used to the physical activity. When walking to lose weight it is also a good idea to buy a pedometer which will cost you four or five dollars at most from a sports shop. A pedometer will measure your steps and the number of calories you have burned so you can easily keep a close eye on your progress. Walking can be a lot of fun so make sure you keep your routes varied. Small hill climbs can burn calories a little faster and beautiful scenery can help you enjoy the exercise even more. As you progress over the weeks make sure your feet feel fine. Sometimes you may need to get special insoles to minimize any discomfort, but your feet will get used to it! To enhance the exercise you can progress to 20 minutes jogs. If this is not possible, carry a weighted bag or knapsack.