How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Affirmations

Every day we make conscious and subconscious decisions. What will we wear to work or school in the morning, who will we greet, where will we park, what will we have for lunch, which work duty will we fill out first, what book will we read. In new situations, we have to think and decide – subconsciously on regular and repeated situations.

When we run on “autopilot,” it has many advantages. For example, it saves us time; we can also engage in other activities, we have common paths that we believe are suitable for us. When you stand in front of a bowl full of fruit, you will undoubtedly reach for a fresh red apple and not for a dried rotten apple.

When you choose a place on public transport or on a train in the summer, you will definitely sit in a shady place where it is calm and more relaxed than in a seat where the sun bakes, and there is a “weirdo” sitting next to it. If you ask the restaurant what the waiter would recommend, you will certainly not choose the food he would mention that he has been here since yesterday and flies are sitting on it. And if you buy new clothes in the store, you will certainly not take the dirty ones in the cabin.

We humans subconsciously want the best. It is a specific ability to survive, a motivation, which leads us to reach for only good things. There is particular innate greed in us – thanks to it, we can live well, so it is not a bad trait in this case. We reach for good food, clean clothes, sit in the best places, and choose influential contacts. It’s in us. These are certain subconscious instincts.

However, we cannot make decisions that give us long-term success, happiness, and satisfaction in every area. Sometimes, on the contrary, we hurt ourselves – and we have no idea!

You can reach for an excellent healthy piece from a bowl full of fruit. Which of these statements would you reach for?

  • “I’ll always ruin everything”
  • “I hate this job”
  • “I love myself and I deserve the best”
  • “I feel so lonely”

Each of these beliefs can be associated with specific emotions that these beliefs create. You must have felt them as you read them.

  • “I always ruin everything” – lack of self-esteem, humiliation
  • “I hate this job” – anger, anxiety
  • “I love myself and I deserve the best” – love, self-love, respect
  • “I feel so lonely” – sadness, depression, loneliness

As you can see, three apples are rotten, and only one is the fresh apple you want to bite into. However, many people subconsciously reach for the rotten ones.

We often have wrong ideas about ourselves. We tell ourselves how impossible we are, stupid, ugly, lonely, and everything else. All these beliefs materialize over time. Therefore, leave these rotten apples in a bowl! Reach only for first-class apples, i.e., for positive thoughts and beliefs.

And from that, there are positive affirmations. Beautiful, juicy, blood-red, or distinctly green apples full of health, love, and positive strength.

Learn to consciously choose only positive thoughts – about yourself, love, life, money, health..about absolutely everything you need. How to do it? You can find a lot of information on our blog.