Feng Shui And Travel: Tips To Improve Your Next Trip

Do you hate oversleeping in a new bed in an odd room in a distant location every time you take a trip? It does not need to be this way. Here are several Feng Shui travel tips to the rescue!

Let’s imagine you are planning a pleasure or business getaway soon. Even when the location isn’t full of beneficial energy, you can take steps with all the concepts of feng shui to enhance the matter, enabling you the full advantage of what the resort/hotel offers. Decide to travel more enjoyably, and you will not go back more exhausted than when you left initially.

It may not be apparent, but an effective journey usually starts and comes to an end in your own home; therefore, a bit pre-emptive focus on your behalf creates a wondrous journey, as well as an easy, come back. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are closely bound to your house, and the energy in it will go together with you on the journey.

Clear your house and remove any mess that you’ve left outside. Litter is a certain way to close the clear flow of positive energy in your house, and it means you will take that confused feeling along with you on your way resulting in unpleasant traveling. Mix-ups in traveling options, misplaced luggage, or reservations are generally chances if going with bad vibrational energy.

A couple of nice words to the hotel staff will give you a room distant from the groups who could be partying during the night, letting you get a nice, peaceful, and pleasant stay. Additionally, be sure to request a room well far from loud elevators, stairs, or the resort lounge. If there is an option, request the cheapest travel insurance from the hotel staff, it will provide you with peace, and you will be secured during your stay.

Always have what I call the “feng shui first aid.” Add your iPod, a little torch, a rose bottle of spray, and finally, a photo of your loved ones, kids, animals, etc. The mobile tunes give a relaxing interlude or ease of time for contemplation or mediation. The torch is extra security in an electric failure. You may spray the rosewater across the room, including the bedding, to immediately alter the room’s energy, and the pleasant picture is an excellent reminder of the good energy in your own home.

Burning up a lavender candle is a fantastic way to enhance a tranquil atmosphere inside your room (if allowed).

If the planned trip is for enjoyment, relaxation needs to be among the prime goals. Even when it is a business trip, do yourself a favor and cover the phone and alarm at rest times to allow for complete leisure of the spirit with no digital disruption. Mobile phones and alarm clocks could be pointers of unfinished business on the journey or in the home so place them out of your thoughts.

All rooms in hotels have a TV. I hope it is in a cupboard you can close. Otherwise, toss a towel on the TV throughout sleep and rest times to get the most relaxation with no bad energy from the TV.

If driving a car to a hotel, keep in mind that the car is an extension in your home, so the same rules apply. Make it clear of litter, old bags, towels, and clothes, etc. Driving a neat car filled with the proper safety gear provides you with beneficial energy and a sense of security.

If possible, plan a minimum of fifteen minutes of the day to meditate or rest with the mind to wander. The strength of meditation to refresh is incredible.

Use this feng shui traveling suggestions to the next journey abroad and make use of calming, energy-filled stay along with a peaceful and relaxing go back to your neat and set up home.

All of us in the West believe that Feng Shui is just an Asian method used in distant places and “peculiar” cultures, but actually, nothing might be further away from reality.