14 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Life

A lot of people have little habits that really decrease the quality of their lives. Most of them are things that could be changed overnight. Here’s a list of things you can do to improve your life slowly but surely, in order of importance in my eyes.

1. Cut out toxins – Stop drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and doing whatever else it is you do. Alcohol is one of the stupidest things to take in. I don’t really understand why people would take in something that will make them lose control of their lives and do stupid things that they will regret in a few hours, not to mention destroy your bankroll to do it. Go do something productive.

2. Pay attention to your body – Maybe the best advice you’ll ever get. Make sure your body receives a healthy diet, sufficient food, periodic deep relaxation, and most of all, exercise. Exercise will make you look, feel, and be better at almost everything you do. What’s more important than your health?

3. Stop caring about the little things – I personally know someone who inflates every small negative thing in their life into huge catastrophes. This habit will give you anxiety that doesn’t exist or isn’t significant enough to worry about. They’re probably just seeking attention, but this inflation of problems is self-destructive, unproductive, and a waste of time. Positive thinking will produce a healthier happy person who is easier to get along with.

4. Love your job – If you don’t, then stop doing it. What’s more important in life than being happy?

5. Adopt a new way of thought – My suggestion would be to think like you think the law of attraction exists, even if you don’t think it really does. Imagining and visualizing your goals and aspirations is highly motivating and self-improving. Negative thinking is self-destructive.

6. Become more knowledgeable – Try to learn at least 4 new things every day. One thing that pertains to your career, another to something you’re interested in, another in personal development, and the last in something random you would have never known if you hadn’t gone out of your way.

7. Be trustworthy – Stick to your promises and make your handshake as good as a contract. When people know that they can trust you and count on you, you open up a ton of opportunities.

8. Teach – Take some of what you know or learn and teach it. Teaching something will almost certainly make you retain the information. You can do this through casual conversation or even a blog.

9. Follow the law, nothing else – A huge majority of people carry fake “rules” throughout their lives. These things that they have picked up in childhood can only do harm. Unclog your mind of these useless unwritten laws and it will open up a world of opportunity. Nobody ever said you have to go to college to be a billionaire, but a lot of people assume it’s some sort of prerequisite.

10. Don’t strive for perfection – I know that’s what you’re told in school, and it does apply for some things, but for most things striving for perfection will only be a waste of time. Let things be good enough and you will be a much more time-effective person.

11. Use your head – Use your head and stop making assumptions about other people. Stereotypes will only cover up some things’ true meaning. Throw those stereotypes out the window and you’ll find much more.

12. Don’t regret anything – It is a waste of time and is very unproductive. Let go of your past and it won’t have the power to hold you down.

13. Create a vision board – It will periodically remind you throughout the day what you’re working towards.

14. Clean up – Organize your home and office a little bit every day. People without clutter are less stressful and more relaxed (excluding people that are obsessive-compulsive about it). It is not for nothing said that “a clear space means a clear mind.”